Project Bookshelf

We are excited to kick off Project Bookshelf!

Project Bookshelf will help to transform our Iola Elementary School library. Next year we will be combining three separate libraries into one. As we make that transition our librarians will be evaluating our books. Unfortunately many of our book are in poor condition, because they have been loved so dearly by previous students.

Our mission is to raise money to refresh our books and bring the love and joy of reading to generations to come.

Why new books?

  • Over the past three years the district has brought pre-school students into our learning environment. We struggle to provide the type of books these early learners need to begin them on their reading journey due to budget constraints.
  • Our 5th grades have been utilizing the middle school library and no books are going to be transferred. We will need to purchase higher level reading ranges for our students.
  • Many of our non-fiction series are in need of updating such as the Solar System, Countries, Continents, and US States. As well as some of our popular series, likeI Survived, have been nearly loved to death.
  • We also have a great need to provide books on the same topic however written on different reading levels.
  • More of our special teachers (Art, Physical Education and Music) are incorporating books into their lessons. This ignites an interest in those special fields, yet we lack books on these topics.
  • Book prices have double or tripled in the past 20 years. The cost of library supplies has also doubled.

Please send donations to:
USD 257 Alumni Endowment Association – Attention Project Bookshelf
305 North Washington Avenue
Iola, Kansas 66749

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