Creitz Capital Campaign for New Uniforms and Band Instruments 2002-2003

Creitz Captial Campaign for New Uniforms and Band Instruments 2002-2003

Under the umbrella of the USD #257 Endowment Association

In 2002, the effort to raise money for new IHS band uniforms and instruments seemed to be one of necessity as seen by motivated band parents and USD#257 Endowment members. Jim Gilpin, USD #257 endowment association board member at that time, acting as fundraising advisor, along with co-chairs, Judy Cochran and the late Kris Carswell, and group members, Penny Haberland, Deb Smail, Bev Hawk, Judy Shay and then band director, Mr. Mike Miller felt paying tribute to the late Dale P. Creitz (a musical icon in the community and school district) would inspire and motivate giving.

Over the next year, $91,736 was raised. The driving force of this campaign was the name placed upon it, “The Dale P. Creitz Capital Campaign” and the fact that it was seen as a memorial to a great music educator. Since his alumni had very strong ties to this man who took the IHS band to heights no other Kansas band had reached, an outreach was directed to a member (mostly local) from each of his 34 years of IHS graduating classes beginning with 1943. With a donation in tow to the Endowment Association of $20,000 from Stadler funds, a capital campaign was launched to raise the estimated $90,000 needed to make the necessary replacements. Weekly open meeting were scheduled and soon ideas, planning and committees were in place for a concentrated effort in a yearlong fundraising event.

 12/19/2012- by Judy Cochran



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